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The Kuyperian Coffee Story


What's with the weird name?

We love this guy named Abraham Kuyper so we thought why not name the company after him!
The main thing that drove Kuyper was the idea that every part of life is sacred. Your job matters to God. This world matters to God. This is why he started a university and businesses, was active in politics ultimately becoming prime minister of Holland.

Ok, ok, but who runs this thing?

We are fellow coffee lovers with a passion for sourcing, roasting and sharing the best coffee we can produce for the glory of God! The mandate in Genesis 1, the first book in the bible, is be fruitful and multiply. We are being faithful to this call by being fruitful with coffee cherries. We believe God has put us on this good earth to enjoy it.

Jason Estopinal


Mark Jones


Calvin Hanson


We believe in a human supply chain.

We make sure every aspect of our sourcing respects the humans along the way. This means we don't source from those with questionable practices with workers. You buying our coffee is supporting fair wages and fair trade.

We believe in working with those who see a vision for a greater good.

We are developing a network of relationships across the world with coffee people who do their job for the glory of God and for the blessing of the people of the nations they are located in.

When God adorns the earth with trees and plants and flowers, when He causes the vine [and coffee] to grow which makes glad the heart of man, when He permits man to dig from out the earth the precious metals and stones which shine in the light of the sun,—all this proves that God does not mean to restrict the use of earthly possessions to the relief of our absolute necessities, but has given them to man also for enjoyment of life.

Herman Bavinck